Nov 10, 2021

A leader: Someone who leads and commands a group of people. Being a creative leader is being a change-maker who contributes ideas that create an impact in the world.

To be a creative leader does not mean that you have to be a manager or a leader of an organization but rather it is a mindset that is born from empowerment. Empowerment comes in many forms. It can be environmental empowerment where you empower your surrounding environment, empowered leadership where a person empowers others whom they lead or psychological empowerment where you empower your own mindset.

Psychological empowerment is the most significant amongst the 3 as it is instilled within you where you can empower yourself and others regardless of the environment you are in. This is where creativity is birthed.

Being disempowered on the other hand is when one thinks that they are unimportant, powerless or have no authority over anything. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true but rather it is in their mindset where they feel that they are disempowered.

Being empowered or disempowered is not black and white, it is more of a ladder. At any given point of the day, we could be anywhere on that ladder and we don’t necessarily stay in one position (but some people do). The idea is that the top of the ladder is where we feel empowered and hopeful, where we are positive and everything is filled with possibilities. When you’re on top of the ladder, creativity starts to flow as it is an abundant time of our life. Similar to when we serve our God who brings abundance to our life. If we live in a space that is loving, generous and full of life, we align with God in the sense that He too is loving, generous and He gives life. It is also in this space where we get to connect with God spiritually as he is the creator and as we establish the connection, we are embodying creation as we get to create and be creative.

You might be wondering why people stay at the bottom of the empowerment ladder when they can stay at the top. It is because people find it safe as they know that they won’t be rejected or ignored and, as humans, we love safety and comfort. If you’re at the bottom of the ladder, you’re not going to fall.

As these are laid out here are the steps to stay mentally empowered:

  1. Be aware of your thoughts and your perception of the world.
  2. Have friends or coaches around you to help see the creativity and beauty that is in you.
  3. Start shifting your mentality to “I want to, I can and I will”.

Spend more time with God as He is the source of empowerment, abundance, love and generosity in life. By doing so He will lead you to love people how He loves people and to become even more creative.

Being empowered starts from within. By being closer to God you will find yourself on top of the ladder in a field of abundance, creativity and love. Though there will be days where we are at the bottom it doesn’t mean that you will stay there forever. Change your mindset, shift your mentality and the next thing you know, you’re on top of the ladder.