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Executive Coaching

Do you feel like you’re on the edge of something great but can’t quite get there? Emily provides regular coaching sessions for individuals, businesses and NGO’s to discover their authentic leadership capacity.

Training & Workshops

Do you have a team you’d like to take to the next level? Emily can provide workshops and trainings for your organisation that will maximise your team’s performance. 


Emily provides fresh, energetic keynote speaking to groups of any size in order to create conversations that will move audiences to action. Ask Emily how.


Sometime, when you started out, you set a goal. Whether it had an intentional and conscious end-point or not the direction you decided on got you here. So what, and where to next?

Emily specialises in finding and unlocking your potential and understands the investment and effort required when a client commits to the authentic application of their passion.

Some fail their authentic selves because they are pressured into accepting ‘good’ instead of committing, discovering and embracing their unique potential. Coaching asks the ultimate whys of who you are now, and discovers the truth of what you want to be. It’s where the need to reach beyond what satisfies, and doing ‘the awesome’ manifests a unique potential and drives some towards excellence everyday.

Emily has spent her professional life helping people discover hidden ability and true passion by equipping them with tools needed to reach the next level in their personal, career and leadership roles.

The business world is experiencing a global ‘hyper-fluidity” and everything has changed. With these tools to empower themselves and their people, leaders and C-suites in all spheres of small to medium business, government, corporate, not for profit, health and human services can truely evaluate and embrace new possibilities, and take the new ground being revealed through dynamic change and move forward re-balanced, re-oriented and re-equiped.

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About Emily

Emily is a Business Coach and has lived, worked and studied in the UK, USA and Australia, where she advocates for people’s best life. She has previously been a counsellor, social worker and minister.

She has a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees from Australia and the USA that focus on leadership, unlocking potential and journeying with people from all walks of life.

Emily works with and has led state-wide organisations, facilitated training on multiple continents, and worked with people at all stages of life to coach them towards reaching new heights in their professional and personal lives


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